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ALICEANNA was named for Southern California designer, (Patrice Gentile’s) much-admired grandmothers. ALICE, a no-nonsense powerhouse, who learned how to hold her own with two strict, entrepreneurial immigrant parents, and ANNA, the free-spirited nurturer, who rebelled against her conservative 1950s Midwest surroundings. In Gentile’s memory, each matriarch acts as the yin to each other’s yang. Alice’s headstrong nature proved useful while managing her family's business. She 'wore the pants' in the family without ever owning a single pair, dressing exclusively in practical shirtwaist dresses and skirts. And though Anna had very little in the way of money, she always dressed to the nines, meticulously accessorizing and pairing heels with every outfit (even her swimsuit!) Gentile found herself somewhere in the middle of these two identities— borrowing characteristics from Alice and Anna as she saw fit. Both the designer and her line are the product of two women who dressed each day for identity’s sake.

ALICEANNA is a line dedicated to a woman’s inner contradictions, to her innate duality of self— handcrafted covetable pieces specifically for the Femme Tomboy. On Monday you may wake up feeling like Alice (comfortable yet crisp, with clean lines, and neutral hues) and on Friday evening you may be Anna (upbeat, ultra-fem, with vibrant pops of color). But most days you’re both— you’re light and dark, structured and wild, masculine and feminine—you embrace all the possibilities. ALICEANNA’s ideal customer is unapologetically herself—defying society's labels and constantly evolving.

Each piece in the current ALICEANNA collection is made to order in the designer’s studio apartment in L.A. Gentile has created a line that minimizes excess and steers away from mass production and copycat trends. ALICEANNA is the feminine tomboy’s daily uniform. The silhouettes are both timeless and current. It’s a look that’s put together in a laid back way. It’s a beautiful contradiction.  


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