ALICEANNA is the result of designer Patrice Gentile's love of design & color.

Gentile remembers designing as early as 6 years old, when she would sketch outfits for her Barbies. At age 9, after a series of health problems, her mom offered to take her to the toy store after a particularly rough doctors appointment, her mother took her to buy a new outfit and Gentile picked a 2 piece short set with an orange & pink swirl. She wore her 'cinnamon swirls' outfit nearly every day after. Her parents let her redecorate her room at age 12 and she covered her walls in metallic silver wallpaper to mimic Andy Warhol's factory, which she had read about in numerous books. As a girl she often had a reoccurring dream of attending an event in a mint green dress and years later attended her high school prom in a mint colored floor length dress she found on a whim at a shop a few miles from her home. She went on to study apparel design at Radford University, in sleepy southwest Virginia. Upon graduating she moved to New York to pursue a career in design. She landed a job as a product design assistant for a private-label company, which she found boring and unfulfilling. The only upside was working closely with color. She quickly trained her eye to analyze color by examining countless strike offs and lab dips sent to her from factories overseas.

Unable to work behind a desk, Gentile left New York and eventually moved to Los Angeles, to build her own brand. The flat geography and clean, linear architecture in LA inspired her and created a desire to create clean, minimalistic design.